Schwarzkopf Professional inspired by Sassoon

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Schwarzkopf Professional inspired by Sassoon

On the Edge – A Sassoon family reunion

As one of the proud sponsors for a brand-new show inspired by Vidal Sassoon and presented by Tribu-te magazine, Schwarzkopf Professional attended the amazing launch in London this week. Presented at the grand Cadogan Hall venue in London’s Sloane Square, the show reunited on the same stage some of the most fantastic hairdressers who share a Sassoon heritage.
An audience of 600 hairdressers – many themselves part of the Sassoon family – watched spellbound as six leading hair artists both revisited what they learned from Vidal, and revealed how it informs their work today.

With each artist limited to just three models each and a short time on stage, the focus was firmly on cut and colour as the foundation of hairdressing. Tim Hartley – who helped devise the show with Tribu-te publishers Nicky Pope and Mike Vincent – led an illustrious roster of erstwhile colleagues, including Trevor Sorbie, John Vial, Neil Atkinson, Jay Mahmood, and Silvia Salerno.

But the night wasn’t only about honouring Sassoon’s place in hairdressing history. It was firmly forward-looking as each presenter reminded us that keeping one foot in the past, and one foot in the future gives balance and vision. They were reflective and progressive at the same time.

Senior Creative Director at Mahogany Hairdressing and Schwarzkopf Professional International ambassador, Neil Atkinson showed us cool, dynamic shapes with beautiful colour work that were pure and stunning. Androgynous cuts contrived to look feminine and impactful – a masterclass indeed from this accomplished artist. Tai Walker, head of colour at Mahogany and Schwarzkopf Professional International Ambassador, joined Neil on stage.

“I created looks that pay homage to the fabulous work by Vidal in the early days, inspired by his classics styles that will stand with us through time. Looks that set standards of perfection and creative, ground-breaking work that still drives us today.

I loved every aspect of the show, from the prepping day to the show itself! The venue and the audience were great and being with hairdressers that I’ve travelled the show circuit with made the whole experience fabulous and a complete pleasure. A big thanks to Schwarzkopf for helping me be a part of this.” Neil Atkinson.

All in all, a fabulous first night for On The Edge, which Tribu-te magazine now plans to tour in Europe.

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