Andrea Filthaus “Trendlooks 2017“

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Andrea Filthaus “Trendlooks 2017

Trend-expert and Intercoiffure Andreas Filthaus knows exactly about the hair styling trends in 2017. While researching and preparing for the most recent photo shoot, she unveiled these three most influential tendencies: (1) Contouring, (2) Fringe-Stylings, (3) Motion and Structure in the hair. “Not only in blogs and beauty magazines, these trends come up everywhere in different variation and distinctiveness.” What is behind it?

Countring: The term is usually used in beauty. It describes en-vogue make-up technique with light and dark contrasts. The principle “light stands out and dark remains in the background” can also be transferred to hair color. Color accents are created by deliberately using baby-lights and innovative color techniques. Thereby, the structure (highs and lows) of the face is put in perspective.

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Fringe: Either over-long or super short. If asymmetrical or geometrically straight – the fringe has a true revival on the heads of fashionstas. This comes as no surprise, as the fringe does not only accentuate the eye area but also softens the hairstyle and makes the lady look younger.

Motion: Soft volume, easy waves and natural structure. The time of straight and waveless hairstyles, which did not allow one single hair to stand out, have finally passed. Today, everything is about naturalness and beautiful, voluminous hair. Creativity knows no bounds.

With her hairstyle suggestions 2017, Andrea Filthaus shows that the global trends can also persist in everyday life. Not only top-models but also “normal” women look great wearing these. “Today, trends come from everywhere. They are for the road. This is why the stylings have to be natural and commercial and thereby also prove their wearability in real life.” Equally as important as the easy and natural look is also the ability to create these styles with just a few twists.

The trend looks & colors (Aveda)
Model Leonie

Cut: Shaggy bob with soft steps and overlong, asymmetrical fringe
Color: Global coloration in natural tone, contouring as low-lights around the face
Mix: 8N blonde-toner, colorless treatment and liquid activator

Model Jennifer

Cut: Traditional short-bob, slight length-increase towards the front, soft steps, long and straight fringe
Color: Global coloration in copper-tone, contouring highlight on the top layer of the hair and the tips
Mix: 8N Deep, YO Deep, O pure pigments, RO Deep + 20vol

Best-Ager Model Ilona

Cut: long Firefly-bob with undercut fringe as support
Color: Blading-technique with color-accents in pastel and blue underneath the top layer of the hair
Mix: blue strands: 5g ib, 4g pure pigments blu, 1g nn dark deep, 1 / 1 20%

Andrea Filthaus 2017 – The Credits

Hair: Intercoiffure Andrea Filthaus
Fotos: Petra Hützen
Make-up: Maren Schlösser

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