No Romantic Brides by Luciana Sabariz

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No Romantic Brides
by Luciana Sabariz

This Collection is designed for sophisticated brides who want to elude rationalism and neoclassicism, giving them an air of authentic and individual freedom. In the upsweep we also play with that versification: we have high, medium and low volumes, adapting them to the different styles and faces of our clients since those are all very commercial.

Hair by: Luciana Sabariz @Sabariz Hairtists for INTERCOSMO
MUA: Carmen Benitez Toro @Colors-Up // Stylist: Bibian Blue
Assistant: Xavier Martinez // Model: Salomé Chandler
Photographer: Jack El Diseñador by Swing Project
Producer: Rachel Swing by Swing Project
Hair Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions

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Sabariz Hairtists is born in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, as a result of a first generation of passionate creatives on the hairstyling and styling. A unique tandem, Susana Beatriz and Nelson Sabariz, that knew how to join perseverance, talent and pouring creativity , taking them to turn their salon Sabariz into one of the hairstyling salons with more success in the centre of the port city. They joined their strength and talent to develop an own identity, alternating the salon work with the national artistic hairstyling events, of those who keep several awards.

After 20 years of personal and professional success, Susana and Nelson decide to discover new world, cross the ocean and install themselves in Barcelona where they open in 1979 the actual Sabariz saloon in Padilla Street. A salon where magic and magnetism live together. Magic because they join knowledge and technical quality, passion and dedication. Magnetism because the Sabariz family, with his humility, devotion and human warmth, attract a big variety of people, from all the origins and social classes of the 80’s Barcelona.

A few years later the gesture repeated itself and the Sabariz conquered the heart and the hair of the Spanish people. They combined their work at the salon with multiples galas, artistic events and technical workshops that took them to travel Spain, Italy and of course South America. It was revealing the editorial work done in the updo’s field, that consolidated the name Sabariz as a national and international point of reference in the hairstyling world.
Some time later, the second Sabariz generation takes step, initially through Luciana and later through Emiliano. In the first years of the new millennium, Susana and Nelson pass the baton to their sons.

Luciana Sabariz transited the world of the hairstyling from the beginning. She raised among hairdressers, stylists, make-up artists, cartoonists and photographs, all of them passionate of innovating and creating style. She was taking part of all that creativity that fascinated her…taking her to rethink her future in an early age.

Luciana started a long work period for the national television, attending contemporaneously the needs of the salon together with Marcela, another historical mainstay in the company. Meanwhile, Emiliano (Milo) travelled to the Anglo-Saxon world not only to licentiate himself in Anthropology but also to discover and work with different trends and approximations to the hair world.

After occupying the charge of president of the Gremio de Peluquerías de Barcelona, Luciana took charge of the formation for top brands in updos, as well as of the communication through internet and social networks.

From London, Milo develops and teaches the technical methodology hairchitektTM of three-dimensional haircut, used in Sabariz and recognized in an international level, while Marcela and Nerea attend with dedication their salon in Barcelona.

Today, Sabariz Hairtists, since mainly his 40 years of history, keeps on representing a recognized professional , artistic and didactic proposal in a world that interconnects and changes in a fast pace.

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