By Michael Polsinelli

Out of the Shadow is a cutting collection that blurs the lines of femininity. Each model exudes a unique sense of power and it is essential to expose this strength by constructing very short haircuts with an androgynous twist. The concept is inspired by the inIJu-ence of women and how they are changing the perception of beauty in society. Pushing the boundaries is instrumental in order to create a variation of cuts that evokes diijerent emotions such as dynamism and strength. The style of the photography is deliberately shot in black and white and with the idea of playing with shadows in order to transcend the story of women forging the way and no longer leading from the dark.




Michael Polsinelli has been pushing the creative boundaries in our industry for over 20 years. His creative designs have inIJuenced hairdressers all over the world and has set trends that have been followed by hairdressers today. He is constantly defying the deıni-tion of beauty and uses his unique approach to escape conformity. Michael refuses mediocrity and pushes himself to conquer and thrive in uncomfortable situations. He says “you will only attain knowledge when the environment is unfamiliar.”

It is this mindset that has catapulted Polsinelli to the top of the hair industry. His motivation being self discovery, has led him to create his own cutting methodology called Fusion Cutting and Design. This newly formed education system has served him well as he has become a world acclaimed Art Director for some of the industries ınest. Polsinelli’s simplistic view of beauty is visible through his work and he believes that “less is more.” He feels that hair is a wonderful medium to cut and transform. Polsinelli also utilizes other mediums to design timeless headpieces that are beautiful works of art. Its the training of the eye that allows himself to constantly IJourish and evolve as a hairdresser and conceptual artist.

Polsinelli’s achievements include working in the TV industry, fashion week, salon owner, Global Art Director, producing close to a 100 cutting and creative collections globally, platform artist and he has enjoyed performing for thousands of hairdressers at Gala Trend Events around the world.

Michael’s journey to success started in his home town of Toronto, Canada. Born into a family of hairdressers, he soon realized his life would forever be transformed. He understands that in life you need to believe in yourself, practice, work hard and surround yourself with talented people. His talent was recognized by an industry icon, Robert Lobetta and together they forged an incredible body of work spanning almost a decade.

In 2008, Michael embarked on a new adventure which relocated him to Europe. With his complete and in depth education system, he thought it was time to open an Academy in the heart of Florence, Italy. Being from Italian heritage, he believes that Florence is one of the most inIJuential cities for fashion, architecture, culture, food and design. It is an experience of a lifetime for hairdressers attending from all over the world. He now resides just outside Los Angeles, CA where he represents Davines and serves as one of their Top Artists. It is a perfect ıt for an artist like Polsinelli because Davines promotes creativity and individuality which is the ground-work for evolution.

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