Iridescence (also known as goniochromism) is the phenomenon of certain surfaces that appear to change colour as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes.

Examples of iridescence include soap bubbles, butterfly wings and sea shells, as well as certain minerals.

My interpretation of iridescence with my collection translates especially to colour for obvious reasons. I will always be using the idea that different surfaces/ minerals create different tones due to density and using this on certain styles and haircuts, for example; a lighter texture such as a bubble would feature lighter tones directly translating to lighter hair literally with hair colour, movement and free-flowing styles.

Darker tones with a heavier density like an oil spill would be harder, with a more structured/finished aspect to the hair and reflect a ‘cooler’ variation of colour tones.

With the collection I decided that I would be sticking with a very strict colour palette. Also aspects of the styling, makeup and photography are designed to obviously enhance the overall effect.


Simple lighting was utilised, so as not overkill the images resulting in them looking complicated. A grey background, rather than a white one, features to create a contrast and highlight the styling and overall looks without being too much.

Make Up

Makeup was not to be too busy. We focused on a lighter, vibrant palette with a high shine/gloss finish to certain parts of the models’ faces. For example, creating a wet look finish on the models’ eyelids, cheekbones or lips.


For the styling the direction was to have all items of clothing and accessories be white and truly offset the makeup and yet not distract from the collection and the hair as a feature.

Hair: Travis Bandiera
Hair Colour: Travis Bandiera
Photography: Daniel Knott
Make-Up: Chereine Waddell
Styling: Danielle Soglimbene
Salon: Royals Hair Sydney


It’s been my mission and vision to produce unique original art that inspires others to travel their own creative road and in turn create their own artworks that exceed limitations.

The ability to produce works that explore new concepts and techniques and that have been embraced by the industry on a global level, fuels and encourages me to keep learning and pushing my own mindset. I am passionate about educating my team and the industry, pushing them to see beyond their own boundaries and discover their own unique style and flair for creative hair concepts.

Announced as a finalist for both the 2016 Expo New Creative Force and the 2016 AHFA Colourist of the Year, I’ve been working on solidifying my name within the industry as one of Australia’s top colourists and stylists to watch.

A true overachiever, I’m dedicated to sharing my passion as part of ghd education and am also proud to be a key member of Revlon Pro Australia’s education team. In addition to this, my creative works, celebrated for their bold colour and dramatic cuts have been splashed across magazine pages globally.

Since becoming part of the Royals Hair team in 2009, and with the help of owners, Mary and Adam Alamine, many amazing opportunities have come my way. I’ve worked with them to concrete a pathway in the hair industry and community through education, social media, assisting in photo shoot campaigns, and working backstage at runway shows.

FINALIST: 2017 Hair Expo New Creative Force
FINALIST: 2017 Hair Expo NSWT/ACT Hairdresser of the Year WINNER 2016 Hornsby Local Business Awards – Outstanding Hairdresser FINALIST 2016 Hair Expo New Creative Force
FINALIST 2016 AHFAs Creative Colourist Of The Year FINALIST 2016 AHFAs Newcomer of the Year
FINALIST 2016 Hot Shots Male Rising Star
FINALIST 2016 Hot Shots Fashionista
2016 Appointed Colour Educator at Royals Hair Academy Youthworx Member
Kevin Murphy Gold Key Member
ghd Black Label Artist and educator
Educated for ghd Style Team to MECCA staff
Work onstage for ghd Style Team assisting Michael Beel & Tracey Hughes 2016 Spring/Summer Kevin.Murphy for Myer show
2016 Autumn Kevin.Murphy
Hair for a Digital campaign for REVLON Professional featuring Erin Holland Hair for ghd Breast Cancer Awareness campaign features in The Journal Hair for OSKAR the Label Autumn collection
Backstage hair stylist for AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL (TV) Backstage hair stylist for Married At First Sight (TV)

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