Black-Q Collection


the latest collection of Metod Tasič creative team

Diversity of the modern world characterizes the individual and raises in him a vague look into the future.

The cruel reality and everyday troubles were our inspiration.

Life is not always simple and nice. Shadows and darkness are part of our being.

The collection illustrates the pain that can not be denied, and makes us complete. With the collection we want to encourage thinking that the shadows are part of us, however, we can choose how they will affect us.

Black-Q reflects the time in which we live.

Cut: Metod Tasič
Coloring: Lucija Gros, Sandra Polanšek
Make up: Ana Oder Kac- Ankič Pankič
Stayling: Sara Šrimf
Photography: Borut Sluga
Assistence: Luka Tasič, Ana Oiclj
Bear: Benjamin
Dolls: Janko in Metka
Products: Rusk- Salon Premium