Everyone goes through different stages of life and experiences on the path of their development just as the tree springs from the seed, from the seed bearing the essence. I believe that the end does not exist, but that this moment in the life of each of us is the moment of the new beginning, of the reincarnation, the transformation of the energy that passes through us and changes us physically and spiritually, helps us to grow. The Phoenix is ​​a symbol of resurrection, immortality, life after death, triumph over disasters, fire and life, the new beginning, the divine, and the Love. In all traditions, the Phoenix is ​​a symbol of Love. The Japanese legends say that the fiery bird (depicted with golden feathers and precious jewels) appears on Earth for the sake of helping people. Its appearance is associated with the beginning of a new era. Symbol of Sun, Faith, and Love. In the Chinese art, the Phoenix is ​​sometimes depicted with a color that is white, black, blue, green and red – all the colors of the other 3 guardians. it’s an inspiration for my new collection. The transformation of the woman by the little innocent child, through the dream and energetic young girl, for whom freedom is above all, for which there are no boundaries and impossible things to the woman, which can be described by the words unconditional, boundless, perfect Love.

© Margy Lyubomirova