Classic is a collection about perennial styles. Although the years go by, the techniques used are adapted to each fashion cycle creating looks that are always topical. In the Classic collection, black and white predominates, two colours that are always present in the creator’s palette. Whilst other colours come and go depending on what’s in fashion, black and white are always in the picture. The collection highlights the technique, the discipline and the skill of the on-trend style, and how by respecting the natural form of each hair type, the four styles can be adapted to each fashion cycle.


Hair: Lorena Dies @ Salones Carlos Valiente
Hair Instagram @lorena_dies @saloncarlosvaliente
Photographer: Esteban Roca
Photographer Instagram @esteban_roca_photo
MUA: Nacho Sanz
MUA Instagram @nachosanz_makeup
Stylist: Salones CV
Stylist Instagram @saloncarlosvaliente