The Global Rebellion collection is all about an unbounded, universal resistance to tradition and authority. It seeks to defy cultural stereotyping and even more deeply, to question the constructs of traditional hair styling in both shape and colour.

The texture and movement within each of the images invites the viewer to experience the strength of the look while being made aware of the vulnerability that is inherent in non-conformity.

The model may look ‘pretty in pink’ but the incongruence of the flat fringe and adjacent choppy, short pieces with the waves in the hair length give it an edge that reveals she may not be so pretty and helpless after all. Similarly, the Farah Fawcett flicks conjure up a 70’s vibe of beauty but the overlay of colour mixed with the raw mid- lengths and ends suggests that this woman will do beauty her way, not yours.

And who says hair has to be short at the back or short at the front? Why not have both with choppy lengths in between in contrasting hues of blue? She’s not looking for approval, she’s looking to be who she feels right now in this moment. Our model displaying stunning voluminous curl shows that she won’t be tamed. The softness and spring mixed with the complementary colours creates an allure greatly enhanced by her obvious individuality.

One of the most traditional hairstyles is the bob cut. It is a classic for good reason and many variations have received acclaim in style and beauty. In keeping with our Global Rebellion theme, this bob cut has attitude. The geometric look achieved with precision cutting and colouring creates an original adaptation of the iconic bob cut and unquestionably, this one has an attitude. We love the dark skin tones contrasted with a magnificent range of pastels and variations in hair length. There is no denying that this woman will get exactly what she wants and will have a great time doing it.


Creative Director: Jenni Tarrant
Hairstylists: Jenni Tarrant, Shaun Pollard & Mitchell Biles
Colourist: Amber Rigg
Assistants: Leah Preston, Emily Gagel, Nick Dunham, Sianna Munro & Justin Kalinowski Photographer: David Mannah
Makeup Artist: Casey Gore
Stylist: Jenni Tarrant
Models: India Jacobs, Adual Jokakol, Kristen Grant and Chaya Kasif