Hair Couture is a symphony. Which makes vehicle technique and uses waves with hairnets, loops or the ineffable and imperishable Italian bun to make way for this series of images, which talks about weddings, parties and bonds. And that expresses a divine woman, of Greek profile, classic elegance, at the same time as dynamic and ethereal. Because Hair Couture „is for all brides,“ confesses Mayte. „For all women, of any age and condition“, without restrictions. The current woman has, without doubt, in Mayte Garrote and her salon, Different Stylists (Zamora), her best ally, the one who makes her the ideal bride, while at the same time inimitable. Something only available to very few and Mayte weaves, when you observe, in a simple and heavenly, such as their own girlfriends.


Hair by: Mayte Garrote @ Different Estilistas
Hair Assistant: Erika Pomeda
Photographer: David Arnal
MUA: Wilder Rodríguez
Stylist: Aaron Gil