„Rope“ is inspired by the Japanese style „Shibari“.
In the Shibari the ties are made using strings composed of natural fibers. Knots placed strategically to stimulate acupuncture points that increase sexual energy; designs that highlight the curves and the erotic contortion of bodies. A learning and communication path for the couple that meanders between vulnerability and trust, excitement and relaxation; a delivery of power through a pact between equals that amplifies rapport, union and passion.

„Rope“, strings that make hugs, strings that become extensions of arms, hands and fingers that knot, link and intertwine through sensual caresses. Ties that emphasize and allow highlighting in the hair various cutting measures with a rectilinear predominance, culminating with sober colors.

The woman of the 21st century revolutionizes the system of roles to break with the established, to rebel through a pact between equals, in which there are no unilateral ropes, in which the silence is broken to be heard and recognized, finally, in a new society without masks, without hypocrisy. The woman creates her own knots and ropes, owner of herself, her body and her spirit, without having to ask permission, without giving explanations, without renouncing the fullness of her potentialities.

Making of Video


Hairdressing: Montse Morella & Mikel Estupinyá @ Morella Hair Center
Hairdressing assistants: Toni Ribera, Patri Canales
Photographer: David Arnal
Styling: Aaron Gil Llacer
MUA: De María
Ropes: Eric Wurfl