After the night. Darkness. And with the light of the morning a new day emerges.

„In this collection, without a doubt the most ambitious until now, we have worked more than ever in a team with up to fifteen people involved in Sunrise.

A hand in hand job with my photographer Cayetano, with whom I worked in Nightfall. Together we did a brainstorming to bring to light my first collection in which I wanted to go further and explain that in the backstage of a good haircut there is much more: Fashion.

With the help of the Hidden Status guys we have presented something very ambitious.

A spectacular location. A special light on a cloudy day. Some models specially selected for their features and characteristics, all this, makes this collection something different.

Cuts of curly hair with volume. Some aggressive shaving. Something scoundrel. Trend, of course, in lateral cuts, not so shaved and somewhat longer; curl power and finally a bowlcut / undercut make Sunrise my most transgressive collection, undoubtedly.

With the help of a creative director. A different makeup. Using drones to have visual material from alternative points of view. And in the post production, the magnificent work of an illustrator that completes this collection with which each one of us has given the best of itself to be able to explain that in order to evolve we have to get out of the ordinary and every day. You have to be brave and go beyond your limits.

Without losing sight of the street and that these cuts may can be found in our daily life, we did not want to do an Avantgarde work, but something different, and for our understanding with excellent taste, although daring“.


Hair by: Vicenç Moretó @ Vicenç Moretó Barber Shop
Photographer: Cayetano González
Stylist: Julia Blamey / MUA: María Delokas
Production manager: Rita Surgucheva / Production Assistant: Dominik Hartl
Making Of: Ireva Drones / Ilustrations: Mar Vilella Guinart
Models: Kevin Massol (Blare Models); Óscar Barriga (Blare Models); Álvaro Silveira (Elite Barcelona); Alfonso Troyano (Berta Models); Aris Dougas.
 Costume: Hidden Status