The latest hair fashion collection of the Fondation Guillaume 2019

Paris? Once the French capital came up for the shoot of the young artists of Fondation Guillaume, there was not only positive feedback: “Too stereotyped, too classy, seen too many times”, the critics said. “A unique elegance and so classy, just one of a kind and fascinating”, confronted the supporters. The challenge and result: we had to combine the beauty and modernness with youthful freshness of the undisputed fashion capital.

Lots of preparatory work was needed in order to just not to end up shooting at the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. The focus has always been the development of the collection: the history and the technique of Haute Couture. The high standard tailoring has always been linked to the hairdresser expertise. With lots of love and attention to details the young artists of Fondation Guillaume Germany, under the management of Mario Leibold and the cooperation of the creations of a bespoke tailor, outline each one of its own and together a tribute to the big French Couturiers from Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent. It is no surprise that the hairstyles collection is a commitment and a declaration of love for the craft of hairdressers.

Elegant, chic and classic beauty

Paris – the city of LOVE. The city of lights. The city of fashion.
For Intercoiffure Paris is even more – the city of their origin, their roots, their story. It is the city where it all started and where everything is coming together like a puzzle: the elegance, the love for craftsmanship and tailoring and the international friendship. Paris – the vision of small streets and cafes, street artists and the colourful hustle. But Paris is also the Grandes Boulevards of the legendary first Arrondissment. Those are the locations of Avenue Foche, Avenue Montaigne, the Place Vendôme or the Jardin des Tuilleries. „Paris is always a good idea and for sure worth a trip”, the young artists of Fondation Guillaume thought and packed their bags for the production of an incredible editorial, shot in the French metropolitan city.

An homage to the French fashion houses

Paris, the home of fashion, beauty and art. A wonderful scenery for the shoot of the collection of Foundation Guillaume 2019. „The Collection“ is an homage to the big French Haute Couture fashion houses like Chanel, Yves Saint Lauren or Givenchy. The “undone” look is aimed to portray the process of the drafts and pay tribute to the tailoring. The images are in love with details and tell the story of passion for the own work, show steps and the colours in the right balance, but never forget the unique beauty of each woman and all of her facets. From the modern femme fatale or the legendary grand dame, actually even the dreamy mademoiselle. Paris – c’est la vie en rose.

Paris – Mon Amour

For several years now the photo productions are the highlight of numerous regional and national events and actions of the Foundation Guillaume, the youngsters of Intercoiffure. At highest professional level hair styles and fashion are being showcased in breathtaking sceneries, taking the viewer to different places. This time the spirit was “We are going to Paris” – the so called roots or origin of fashion and beauty and Intercoiffure.

THE COLLECTION 2019 is not only the result of the FG-shooting project, but also a more than successful cooperation between the team Créateur D’Intercoiffure and the Fondation Guillaume. The step-by-step technique pictures, which have been produced under the supervision of Kay Schneider, show the haircuts of three models bit by bit.


Overall management: Mario Leibold
Head of Artists: Petra Hützen & Mario Leibold
Production: Petra Hützen
Hair & hair styles: Team Fondation Guillaume
F.G. Artists: Mario Leibold, Syringa Helweg, Carmen Friedl,
Pierre Wiegandt, Eva-Maria Heidingsfelder, Josephine Acht, Sandro Schmied, Vanessa Torka, Magdalena Pres
Make-up: Ute Hützen & Team Fondation Guillaume
Fashion & Styling: Maria Derix
Photographers: Hellen Pass, Andreas Riedel
Video: Henrik Kubik
Story, editor & text: Petra Hützen
Models: PM-Agency
Technique-haircuts: Kay Schneider, Sezai Bingül, Alexandra Kempf, Matthias Scharf PICTURE CREDITS: © Intercoiffure, Fondation Guillaume, Germany