TRUE LOVE is a collection that focuses on distinct bridal styles. Five different looks have been created for five different brides: Flapper, Romantic, Boho-Chic, Civil and Rocker.

Once again, Sabariz Hairtists chose very commercial images, where different tie back techniques are combined: Laces, knots, waves, hairnets and ribbons.

TRUE LOVE will be part of the training that the team will offer in 2019, and with which the realization of the techniques mentioned above will be enhanced, among others. In this way, they expand a complete range of possibilities for their tutees, and provide them with more confidence when proposing a specific hairstyle to their clients.


Hair by: Luciana Sabariz and Norma Mejía @Sabariz Hairtists
Hair assistant: Javier Novo
Photographer: David Arnal
MUA: Emma Izquierdo
Stylist: Eunnis Mesa, Aaron Gil Llacer
Creative process photographed by: Eva Margalef and Iván Gil