Like a volcano, like a rock.

A strong, true love. As irrational as unstable. As beautiful as dangerous. A landscape of lunar evocation becomes the perfect setting where this love blends with the strength of the very earth, which welcomes and embraces with its dark colours and arid surfaces the softness of a skin, the delicacy of a silk, the shine of a white.

Because it is in the contrast where the truth is hidden. The elegant subtlety of brides who find in a volcano the faithful reflection of a personality that although seeking its maximum splendour, does not renounce their own interior.

Brides who tread without fear, who defend their ideals over impositions and influences. They are volcanoes, beautiful creations of Mother Nature that combine beauty and mystery with elegance and magnetism.

They, like the most majestic volcano, as inspiring on the outside as full of fire inside.


Hair by: Raquel Saiz @ Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz
Photographer: Esteban Roca
MUA: Manuela Gimenez
Stylist: Blumynt
Jewelry: Tomás Pelayo
Models: Sara Loinaz, Maria Abiega, Maria Mir Lapidó