Basic is…. to return to the essential, main, primordial, fundamental, sometimes so simple and complex at the same time. It’s as simple as opening your closet and finding jeans and a white t-shirt that becomes that basic out-fit that cannot be missed… and can be as complicated as thoroughly reviewing your belief system … It’s like fulfill your basic obligations while remembering that you have basic needs to cover. It is to remember that for many it is basic to exercise, work, read, study, have fun, travel, have friends, enjoy solitude, listen to music, meditate, pray, believe or love.

The basics are always simple, and in this collection, we return to the essential techniques of hairdressing hand in hand with the main colour techniques using only the three primary colours, an exercise of reencounter with the basic knowledge that is the foundation of the whole.

The basics are simple and can be trendy at the same time.


Hair: Ivan Rodriguez
Photographer: Jesús Herrera
Stylism: Melissa Weeb
MUA: Thessa Peralta