The inspiration for this collection comes from the artistic movement De Stijl that emerged in the Netherlands around 1917. The followers of this movement looked for an artistic influence in the architecture, and vice versa. They fundamentally believed in the attainment of purity in all disciplines, for which they ventured into the use of horizontal and vertical lines using the primary colours blue, yellow and red. The basis of this collection is a commitment to the fusion of the arts. Applied to the hair by integrating shapes, textures and volumes with pantones of intensely vibrant colours. A fusion that can be found in interior decoration, the wardrobe or in the design of a simple chair.


Hair: Mayte Garrote @Different Estilistas
Hair Instagram @garrotevelez
Photographer: David Arnal
Photographer Instagram @davidarnalteam
MUA: Jose Luis Blasco
MUA Instagram
Stylist: Visori FashionArt
Stylist Instagram @visorifashionartstudio
Models: Eva Larrosa, Charlotte Braum, Sandra Valero and Paula Laguarda