Derivé was conceived as a self-construction project by the creator where to stop trying is not an option.  When you work hard to achieve a dream, you cannot give up when faced with an obstacle, you must derive knowledge from it and redirect this knowledge back to the goal.  In this collection, the colours black and blue predominate, representing the obstacles and opportunities respectively.  Regarding technique, these are male cuts that boast strong characters, with highly technical finishes and well-defined lines, which represent the effort and dedication of those who achieve their goals.


Hair: David Pastor @ Salones Carlos Valiente
Hair Instagram @davidpastor14 @saloncarlosvaliente
Photographer: Esteban Roca
Photographer Instagram @esteban_roca_photo
MUA: Nacho Sanz
MUA Instagram @nachosanz_makeup
Stylist: Salones CV
Stylist Instagram @saloncarlosvaliente