The hairdresser, the art. This collection is a tribute to that fine line that separates (or not) these two concepts. Art has always been a source of inspiration for the hairdresser, and the hairdresser has undoubtedly over time evolved into an artist.

The different images show hairdressing techniques such as the hair curling outwards which is achieved by using a brush and dryer; a classic effect created with a solid smooth finish which features volume on the side; waves through the hair which feature a wet effect and a fake cut in which a twisting technique is used to simulate the cut.


Hair: María Montes @Manuel Mon Estilistas
Instagram: @_mariamontes @manuelmonoficial
Assistant Hairdresser: Helena Truébano  Instagram: @helenatruebano
Photographer: Bernardo Baragaño Instagram: @vertigoestudio
MUA: María Montes Instagram: @_maria montes
Model: Celia Fernández Sastre Instagram: @celiaceliaca
Products: Revlon Professional Instagram: @revlonprofessional_es