Avant-Garde has always been the way of innovation in hairdressing. Since the beginning of time has experienced and offered ways of expression that over time have taken root and have become trend and fashion.

Today we have at our disposal two of the most powerful tools in history: our mind, and the digital universe. Any structure that we are capable of imagining can be translated into a language based on two simple numbers: 1 and 0. Two numbers, a system, an endless number of possibilities come true.

The digital world makes reality all that our mind can create: Now freedom has 3 dimensions.

Infinity is the limit.


Hair by: Manuel Mon @Manuel Mon Estilistas
Photographer: Bernardo Baragaño
MUA: María Montes
Stylism: Visori Fashionart
Model: Celia Fernández Sastre
Products: Revlon Professional