The „Le Figaro“ team „brings to the scene“ a way of conveying a debate between masculine and feminine, old age and youth, life and death in an experience in which ethics is not dissociated from aesthetics. A declaration of love for the Theater, the great actresses, but also when aging, the beauty of time and life itself …

There are voices that need to be heard.

We live in complex and dangerous times.

The threats of despots, extremism and oblivion hover in our heads.

It is necessary to undress the Theater of its artifices and put it to the service of the truths.

We must abandon the fantasies and return to the Theater its role as a space for collective reflection, public debate, confrontation of ideas and values.

Because it seems to me that this is what we lack: values, honesty, ideas to get out of this hole in which humanity has become entrenched.


Photo: André Pires Santos
Hair: Le Figaro Team ( Luis Ramos, Gianni Bach, Isabel Melo, Estela Lopes, Krasimira Miteva) By Paul Mitchell and Lisap Milano
Make up: Gianni Bach By SLA Paris
Styling: Gianni Bach
Accessories: Gianni Bach
Clothing: Ao Luar
Jewelery: Filomeno Pereira de Sousa – Pontos Iguais Galeria
Shoes: Aldo
Model: Artur Rocha, Dinis Ramos, Matilde Rodrigues, Raisa
Directing and editing: Raphael Tonelli
Art Director: Gianni Bach