The inspiration for this collection is rooted in the glam punk scene in London during the seventies. A time when David Bowie, T-Rex, Alice Cooper and the New York Dolls were idols for a generation looking to break-away from the hippie folk music of the sixties. Defined looks that feature distinctive frontal looks which highlight the facial features.


Hair: Jose Urrutia @Peluquería Jose Urrutia
Hair Instagram @pjurrutia
Hair Assistants: Karmen Ramírez, Veronica Calpa, Belén Naranjo, Alazne Gonzalez Hair Assistants Instagram: @karmenramirez @belennaranjo @veronicacalpa @alaznegonzalez
Photographer: Jose Urrutia
Retouch: Javier Villalabeitia
Retouch Instagram: @javiervillalabeitia
MUA: Peluquería Jose Urrutia
Stylist: Ane Urrutia
Stylist Instagram @aneurrutia
Products: Revlon Professional
Products Instagram @revlonprofessional_es