“Nouvelle Real is about the authenticity and strength of the modern woman.Individual and purposeful – sometimes even a little brutal, but with a confidenceto reject stereotypical and clichéd representations of femininity. It has a militarytheme with a 80s vibe that reflects current times, while at the same time,exploring androgyny and non-gendered haircuts, a theme I’ve experimentedwith in recent work.”


Hair: Paul Stafford & Amy Cartwright
Colour: Aidan Bradley
Photographer: Lee Mitchell
Make-up: DJ Griffin
Styling: Sara O’Neill
Products: Denman & Alfaparf Milano
Images: FPA Media

To coincide with their 80th Anniversary, Denman International is proud to announce the appointment of British Hairdressing Hall of Famer Paul Stafford as Global Creative Director. Paul, who has used Denman for over 30 years, will lead the brand’s creative direction as well as leading the soon-to-be-launched ‘Denman Global Collective’ – supporting and promoting hair creatives from across the globe.