by Christophe Gaillet

For his new collection “ RAW“ Christophe Gaillet is declining the desires of his muse.  aptured by her unique beauty as well as her willingness, the evidence of a spontaneous result was needed. A trust, a look, deciphering of a style history. She is navigating between influences and appearances of a simple subtlety. She identifies herself as a nomad lady crossing the fashion but never for a long time. Her chameleon look will be adapted to her desires and play with the lengths, colours and shapes only to prove that she is an icon of today. Freely sign by Christophe Gaillet, this collection full of audacity set the tone for the next winter.


Hair: Christophe Gaillet
Photo: Weronika Kosinska
Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska
Stylism: Joanna Wolff
Production: MKproduction