The collection, Servitude, is the creation of images that blur the line between sex and slavery, transitioning from submissive to dominant and unearthing confidence within one’s sexuality. This discovery allows fear and self doubt to dissolve, leaving each individual exuding strength and trust to become their own unique persona.

Empowerment is control. Control is freedom. Freedom is the ability to act and speak without restraints!

Collectively the colour palette was chosen to highlight and strengthen the haircut and shapes, varying between muted smoky hues of green, grey and black to bright pops of canary yellow to fiery red.

I wanted to create lines and dimensions within my haircuts to showcase strength and texture enabling me to connect each image to the other.

Using either colour or shape to define an individual look, key areas in each image were emphasised with either length, fringe or movement, to ultimately showcase a submissive or dominant persona.


Hair: Amy Gaudie @ Urban Chic
Makeup: Annabelle Hogg
Photo: Paul Christey
Styling: Amy Gaudie, Phoebe Shillington