The latest Collection by Candice Mckay is a celebration of female explorers from history who defied convention and embraced their individual spirit of adventure.The Brave collection charts new territory for Candice with each look combining colour, form and texture to pay homage to remarkable women who travelled the globe in search of new experiences and new cultures.

“Researching the lives of early female explorers has been enlightening and humbling. These women had the courage challenge the restrictions of a patriarchal society and follow their dreams, creating a path for countless women to follow. Creating this collection has been a challenge, but a real pleasure to honouring these inspirational women.” Candice Mckay


Hair & Colour: Candice Mckay
Photographer: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Stylist: Jared Green (Clothes – Black Coffee)
Products: Davines
Images: FPA Media