I have always related the seasons of the year with the stages of life and it is this feeling that has served as the guiding light for creating this collection. „The loop of life“ represents the circle of life, understanding that not everything ends when one dies, but that another life awakens somewhere, to begin again. Spring, like childhood and adolescence, means the beginning, the first buds, the flowering of nature.  It is the moment for reflection on the human and the divine; it is the constant discovering.  Summer is intimately related to youth and maturity.  Everything transforms; the sun, the heat, the harvests and a surge of energy and vitality fill our lives. Autumn takes us into a calmer stage, inviting us to rest from the fatigue of Summer. The appearance of the body changes remarkably as does the landscape of life. The Winter changes our pace, our movements slow down. It is the slow walk supporting the burden of the past, that of lived experiences, that of the dying future. It is the stage of melancholy and loneliness.


Hair: Ziortza Zarauza @ Centro Beta
Photographer: Pavel Zverev & Alina Paranina
Photographer Instagram: @pavel_zverev
MUA: Catherine Leschiner
Stylist: Yulia Mironova
Stylist Instagram: @mironovahairart
Products: Montibello
Products Instagram: @montibello_peluqueria