Emotions are energy, an energy that impacts our lives and leaves its mark. This impact causes a sensation in our systems, and whether a person realises this depends on their sensitivity. After exploring my own sensitivity, I came to the realization that when negative emotions engulf you, you must let them go, otherwise they will consume you.
(Miguel Cortés, Prof. Structural Coaching)

It is important to remember that we are all at times afraid, angry, happy or sad, because through these emotions the mind and body develop and we can transcend as human beings and socialise.

We do not experience the same set of emotions every day because our lives are constantly changing, but they do play a major role in our psychological development and are a very useful indicator of how we are feeling in the here and the now.

We are very excited to dedicate a collection to something as important as emotions, since each one of them responds to a need and fulfils a function in our existence.

What is essential is realization!


“My desolation does begin to make a better life.”
William Shakespeare

An emotion that we usually feel at the loss of something, whether it be real or fantasized, or for a lack of something. Unlike the rest of the emotions, sadness is characterized by a lack of energy, which leaves us almost without the strength to act; a dampened spirit without expression or desire.







“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.”

Fear plays a fundamental role: survival.

The key problem with this emotion is that generally we live in fear of things that do not exist and we confuse fear with risk.







“Anger is born from fear, and fear is born from a feeling of weakness or inferiority. If you have courage or determination, you will have less and less fear and as a result you will feel less frustrated and angry”
Dalai Lama

When under attack our body activates its defence mode. Our heart rate increases and breathing accelerates; muscles tighten and the blood flow shoots up. Our body is preparing us to face the threat.

Charged with energy, this is the emotion that packs the most punch.






“Wherever there is joy, there is creation; the richer the creation, the deeper the joy.”
Henry Bergson

Joy is part of an emotion related to a state of inner well-being.

The main channels of expression for this emotion are usually facial gestures produced using the eyes and lips, which result in a smile. According to the level of joy, this smile can turn into laughter.






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