Madness is a collection of antitheses. While the hairdresser’s previous collection showed her kinder side through hairstyles full of colour and with soft lines, Madness expresses the opposite and looks to convey the darkness that we carry inside. From the choice of black and white, through to the most powerful cutting lines and straight angles, and the choice of a dark and daring style, Madness screams rebellion, and implies a radicalness in the concept with respect to the previous one.


Hair: Sara Piera @ Salones Carlos Valiente; Hair Instagram @sarapieraa @saloncarlosvaliente
Photographer: Esteban Roca; Photographer Instagram @esteban_roca_photo
MUA: Nacho Sanz; MUA Instagram @nachosanz_makeup
Stylist: Salones CV; Stylist Instagram @saloncarlosvaliente