ˈmav(ə)rɪk/ Noun: an unorthodox or independent- minded person.

Hairdressers work in an unbelievable environment. Heavily encouraged to dress in black, hairdressers find a way to express their individualism and creativity through their own hair choice. This clash of obeying yet breaking the rules is what inspired my entire collection.

I was standing in the salon on a busy Saturday morning, thinking about how inspiring my team looks, purely through their hair and perfect choice of black clothing. Watching these uniformed individuals whose self-expression is portrayed through beautiful pastel and editorial hair, I admired their passion for unleashing their creative spirit on a daily basis; this is what triggered my inspiration.

Although we’re drawn to an all-black uniform, our creative minds find their release through bespoke hair aesthetics. It’s the one thing where you get to break all boundaries, and express your artistic vision. There are no limits, no hiding behind a black uniform. It’s all you. We are all conformists in our fashion sense, but totally nonconformist and a rebel in our own right.

The ‘MAVERICK’ imagery has a high fashion, editorial finish, and while the styling is uniform, unique and abstract, colours and cuts are in the spotlight. Each model has a subtle deviant side representing their desire to break the generic mould and stand out from the crowd.

Makeup: Natural makeup highlights the natural features of each model, giving a subtle nod to the artistic hair choice. Gorgeous, slightly glossy, healthy skin complements the textures of the clothing, rounding off the entire natural look.

Styling: Black attire gives each model a uniform look, as if they all fit one generic mould, but simultaneously each look has a strong, empowering aesthetic. Accompanied by geometric shapes and textural finishes, every model tells a different, personal story.

Lighting: A clean and light background is used to place the hair in the spotlight. While every element is tied together to form a cohesive unit, you’re immediately enamoured by what’s most important – the colours and textures of the hair.


HAIR: Travis Bandiera
HAIR COLOUR: Travis Bandiera
MAKEUP: Lauren Sina
STYLING: Melissa Nixon
SALON: Royals Hair Sydney