Collection „Neon“ is a hybrid collection inspired by a futuristic universe, where the hero is a woman with a “new bohemian“ look who makes her hair into a unique material. The color-themed blending created by „Color artist“ Laurianne Baesa, results in sweet and sour shades with incredible effects that bring to mind the lights of Times Square. „Hair artist“ Damian Dussert plays with his scissors in order to reveal a „short long“ style where volumes and textures clash. Perfect harmony between disconnections and raw lines. A gender and innovation paradox, that is where all the artistic wizardry of Laurianne and Damien lies, while they imagine a 2.0 generation.


Hair: Laurianne Baesa Damien Dussert
Photo: Weronika Kosinska
Make-up: Natasza Bigos
Stylism: Joanna Wolff
Coaching: Christophe Gaillet
Production: MK Production