Being aware to the change in the prevailing tendency of countryside weddings to find more urban weddings, in BackStage BCN we propose our bridal collection – „Urban Brides“ -. A tribute to the diversity of „urbanite“ brides who break with the traditional perfectionism, moving away from the costumes and betting on maintaining their own style on their walk down the aisle. Our inspiration? Romanticism simplicity and freshness, between classic, natural and carefree. A return to the 30s, recovering the undone waves, releasing the natural and peculiar movement of each hair, enhancing it on the fresh, modern and current dresses of the new millenial brides.


Hair: Merche López & Eva Mayoral @ Backstage BCN
Photographer: Mene Díaz
MUA: Eva Mayoral
Stylism: Diez
Tocados: Adianthum
Models: Lisa & Patricia