The ‘Resurgence of Baroque in the 21st century’ collection was created to meet the demands of the 21st century woman, a contemporary woman who desires elaborate hairstyles, that also add strength and character.

“We wanted to revive the forms and lines of the Baroque period, adapting them to modern times and creating hairstyles that contribute to the empowerment of women”. This is mirrored in current trends – prioritising hairstyles with clean lines but complexity, recapturing the fashions of the Royal Houses where magnificent looks were produced. Dishevelled hair is transformed into carefully styled features which, give importance to more defined and worked lines. The era of grey and minimalism gives way to a golden age where the golden shine regains its place at the top and the beauty of women manifests itself in all its splendour. Baroque sculptures and reliefs come together for our collection – a series of looks overflowing with beautiful and complex details inspired by nature, that blend together to produce an eclectic result. Enhanced by makeup that fuses organic textures with the gold of the Baroque, and through careful photography, the collection acquires an even more impressive character.


Hair: Juanmy Medialdea @ Juan Miguel Medialdea Peluqueros
Photographer: Sonja Inselmann
MUA: Luisa Machen
Stylist: Juanmy Medialdea
Models: Esmeralda, Sheila & Hawa
Products: Schwarzkopf Profesional