The latest collection by Jose Garcia Peluqueros is inspired by scientific creation – androids to be precise, those pure replicas of the human being, which have the ability to appear all too real even to the naked eye.  If there is something that really differentiates us from robots, it is their lack of empathy and inability to express feelings.  Their sharp, dark and dilated look tells us that they are not people but an interpretation of something that has already lived.  In fact, everything at some point is replicated and fashion is no different.  Each season is an echo of the past, reinvented in order to showcase trends from yesteryears.
Heavy tresses dressed in a combination of colours – oranges with yellows, browns with blacks, cast copper on reds or pinks and chestnuts with cold lilacs that emphasise the cut achieving visual movement.  The bangs with broken geometric lines are defined by the intense colours of the long, flowing locks.  The clean and minimalist hair demonstrates the superb look.

Welcome to the future past.


Hair: Jose Garcia @ Jose Garcia Peluqueros
Photographer: David Arnal
MUA: Isabel García
Stylist: Aaron Gil
Models: Déjàvu Models
Products: Schwarzkopf Professional