PLASTIK COLLECTION is a wonderful space called “universe”, a cosmos where fashion and image are playing with different measures, concepts and materials.

It is a pleasure to introduce you a collection designed in our world, a world that we venerate and care for it, aware that the word recycling must be part of our lives.

With this collection we want to reflect the different shapes that comes from architecture, volumes, color in a simple way, but that projects a great visual impact launched with a new concept.

PLASTIK, exposes new ways of approaching to the fashion of the future without forgetting the essence of our past, renews dimensional forms to elevate them to the maximum expression, recycles the world of color with colors already reflected but which, in turn, there are re-versioned to adapt and mould them to the era that we are living.

We want a better world and we hope that with our new PLASTIK collection a path will be opened to be able to get closer to it.


Hair: Anna Barroca
Photographer: David Arnal
Stylism: Aaron Gil
MUA: Wilder Rodriguez