Trensis Collection

We at Carol Bruguera wanted to create a hairdressing collection that mixes different techniques, but with braids as the core element. We wanted to play, experiment, and evolve some of these manual techniques, merge them and propose new ways of combining them.

We are presenting three pieces with three models in which each side is worked in a different way, and we’re all the different techniques exist, divided into areas of work and finishes.

All this variety of braids:
French, knotted, fishtail, rope French braid, with elastic bands, four or five stance strands, chain, cornrows, and some of our contributions, such as the CB braid, make Trensis a collection that provides a great many ideas and technical solutions in which each one by itself could be a source of inspiration for different commercial pieces.


Hairdressing Director:  Mia Carol
Hairdressers:  Jesica Alcala, Mireia Alcantarilla, Clara Camera, Susana Moreno, Patricia Salazar, Brugués Vilaró
Make Up: Anna Pardo (Bodymims)
Photography: Ivan Raga
Art  Direction: Dadà Comunica
Audiovisual Production: Natx.TV
Models: Mireia Perez Arderiu, Anna Rodriguez Buxeda, Aina Roqueta Gutierrez