“To be or not to be „, that is the question. Already Shakespeare said it, he repeated it in his interior and his soul answered him in the form of reflection: is sleep the same as dying?

As a crazed Ophelia, feelings always end up surfacing, no matter how hard we try to hide them. Showing our face with pride, without covering it, showing off who and how we are: unique and original, is our only option to be free.

Like this magnificent collection full of sobriety, which finds in the elegance and neatness, the class that is always impregnated in simple things. A polished hair that is exactly where it should be, but that hides the face making us think about what we show to the world, and what we hide for fear of being who we want to be.

Wo-men, man or woman, things are never what they seem.

(Wo, particle in Japanese that marks the recipient of an action, and Men, in Japanese, part of the armor that covers the head in the Kendō.)


Hair: Montse Morella & Mikel Estupinyá @ Morella Hair Center
Photographer: David Arnal
Stylism: Aaron Gil Llacer
MUA: Wilder Rodríguez